Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Aus

Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Aus where The Coral sea meets Tasmanian Sea. It is my eastern limit so far JJ

To see amazing falls videos visit:

Where we are!

One of the most popular tourist destination, must see places with the unique nature. If you have time, don’t miss the sunrise or sunshine in Byron Bay lighthouse. Unfortunately we missed! Probably you already predict but I’d like to tell again. Because of the popularity of course it is an expensive area compare to Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay. It wasn’t easy to find an affordable accommodation also park prices were little bit much!! 

Little Wategos Track

 We stayed again in a local’s house and it was one of the most interesting place that I stayed. It looked like an American horror movie house that used to be a madhouse or orphan’s asylum. At night we sat on the roof of the house!! (really) and telling some horror stories while watching awesome stars. Stars looked so closer I never saw them that much closer. I strongly recommend a night walk 🙂

The most easterly point

Hiking to the light house was in our first day itinerary and spending time in the ocean. It didn’t look much but we spent the rest of the day after lunch. It’s a 3.7 km loop and 3 hours recommended time but we was so impressed with the spectacular view and took lots of photos and of course had fun with the ocean waves so we didn’t realize how sun went down J.

Natural Aquarium

Lighthouse (Unfortunately we were not at a good time to take photo. You will take better photos at sunset time 🙂

 Great place for surfers with shallow water, plenty of waves and warm weather.

There are different beaches and all of them look beautiful. We spent our time in the beach before going to the light house so didn’t have time for Thalow Beach where is on the other side of the light house. It is bigger than others and less crowded.

Thalow Beach

In front of the light house you may see a couple and photographers for marriage photography as usual. I think it is an unwritten worldwide rule. If there is a nice view they always appear there.

Sunset is always amazing!

 For the second day we had three options but we thought three of them would be so much and we asked the host some advices. Nimbin which is a small village. Killen Falls and Minyon Falls. She advised us to skip Nimbin because it is just one street and not much special so we eliminated it from the list or postponed for the next time.

This is how we missed the sunrise

Early in the morning we headed to Killen Falls. A small water fall with a nice lake and small bush path. While others were still having breakfast, I decided to jump into the rock pool. I was almost jumping suddenly I heard my friends. They were getting crazy because a snake was swimming through us. I didn’t see a swimming snake before, it was really fast and scary. We scared much and run through the car hahah. Other visitors was shocked and asked us. We showed the snake photo. It wasn’t a brown snake which is poisonous one but still scary so be careful if you like swimming there.

Killen Falls (Just a few moments before seeing the snake)

The next destination before home is Minyon Falls. I was a little bit disappointed that time. Because we planned to swim during sunrise but slept in. Then, we couldn’t swim because of the snack. I hoped to see a nice pool in Minyon Falls National Park.

Minyon Falls

It was absolutely amazing. If you have limited time you can skip the light house and go there. I swam under the fall as a first time. Do you know that under the fall water is warmer? Yes, it is warmer than the other parts. 

Night Cap National Park 


It was an awesome experience and to reach the rock pool you can chose either short or long track. If you are a nature lower, go ahead the long way. I was really satisfied with the forest and nature. There are many twin trees and many wild animals. Long track took 1.5 hours and it is middle condition I think. Short path maybe half an hour but you have to climb over the rocks to go to the pool so wear nice shoes.

Minyon Falls from the bottom

I hope one day you travel here and listen to the falls or swim under the falls.

Breath taking moments for me that I can never forget.

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