how to fill a jar?

Not with tomato paste or pickle !!

I was recommended to make a gratitude jar for hard days. But how?

After finishing my tomato paste, I’ve decided to wash and keep the glass jar with me a while ago.

You can see the below image, my half filled gratitude jar. If you see, feel free to comment how I can fill it.

Because of the current situation, first thing came to my mind I’m healthy. Then, my family is healthy, and then my friends healthy, and so on.

I know there must be more to see, because everybody says that but how?

After reading a post about seeing abundance, I can truely say I’ve started to feel it. I’ve realised my biggest concern is time!!

I have been always in a hurry. Doesn’t matter weekends, holiday or weekdays. Always!

At home on Sunday, in the office or lab, at the supermarket, when I meet my friends, always! I feel like I need to be quick, do it faster faster! Always my mind talking and accusing me with being too slow. Why do I need to rush on my off day? No idea!

Abundance!! usually it’s referred to materialistic things. At least I thought it was. Now I can truely say I’ve started to see abundance in time! I have enough time to do everything when my mind thinks just what I am doing, when my mind doesn’t fabricate stories based on true characters and events.

I have one more thing to put into my jar now. I feel abundance in my life!

How long do plants live (with me)??

I moved to the one end of the world for a few years and I’ve started a new life.

Last year, my second year here, I just realised I didn’t feel like I was at home; actually never happened it in my new life, in my dream life!!

Then why did I dream it even I did not feel I was at home?

I love plants I always love and I will. I am pretty sure at this point. I always wanted to get some plants to home but never did it in two years because I was not permenant here just for a few years I came blah blah blah.

The question is how long will plants survive with me??

Yes I love them but I did have two plants so far, which I got them ages ago, they lived with me just a few months and one of them was a cactus:(.

My little Echeveria

I was torturing myself ‘oh I can’t buy a plant because I’m here for a few years and later I’ll try to sell or give away them’ but maybe they would dye two weeks later.

Chalkstick and wandering jew

My worry was originated from financial reasons as well because a grown cactus, which I loved, was just $240 :o. For me it is still to much for a plant even I love it. I’m not going to repeat my temporary situation.

With this pandemic I’ve just realised the reality: nothing is permanent!

Now I have 6 pots in my little sweet sweet studio and maybe 6 more pots in my balcony. Of course none of them cost $240 but still they’re beautiful, lovely, and they keep me happy.

first terrarium experiment in a candy jar

I found a local lady, who puts a few succulent pots in front of her apartment and sell them very cheap. Then, I went to a household store to buy cheap pots and little rocks for decoration. I ended up with a glass candy jar to make a terrarium which worked better than a terrarium glass 🙂

I wish you all enjoy the temporariness of the life! I’ve just recently start to enjoy it.

keep growing

Western Australia – Perth

I was told not to go there, nothing to do or rent a van and see the whole west coast. Hence, I wasn’t sure go or not. It is really far from where I live it takes 5 hours by plane. 

As I don’t have time and company to travel the whole coast so I flew to Perth and now it’s my new favourite city in Australia. I’m not going to lie it’s a small city and not full of tourist attractions but it won my heart with its bakeries and clean-nice views. 

First three days I stayed in a very cute boutique hotel in the CBD. Bed&breakfast prices were very affordable and breakfast pastries didn’t disappoint me. The second accommodation was 1 hour drive away from the city and was amazing.

The first good thing, the airport is not far and no extra fee for airport pickup so after a long day plus flight happily arrived my cute hotel. The following day I started with a delicious breakfast and hung out in the city. The CBD was very similar to the other Australian cities with the same street names not much exciting.

There are a few main attractions Jacob’s ladder, king garden and botanic garden, quay, blue boat house, etc. The botanical garden was a great place to relax with a stunning view. But if you want to see a nice view you need to sacrifice. Walk, walk, walk!

From the city, I walked to the ladder and climbed them it was not must see I think but if you are there you can see. Then, I headed to the garden to relax, lie down and enjoy the amazing landscape. Plenty of places for food and drinks. 

Jacob’s ladder

I spent almost all the afternoon at the botanic garden. There were a lot of information about plants and bush medicine of the indigenous people. 

Western Australia

The next stop was the blue boat house, I walked from the garden. They all seem close on the map but I’m not sure they are. I am a dedicated walker so I was OK with it. Blue house was just photo attraction actually but I think worth to see because you can walk through the Swan River and breath it and enjoy. 

Blue boat house

My second day was devoted to the Rottnest Island of course to meet quokkas. I have to say taking a selfie was a hard job if you’re visiting alone as they were always looking at the floor.  

I booked my tickets online and early in the morning I went to Frementle by train, from the city centre ~45 min and ferry terminal is just walking distance from the train sitation.

I didn’t rent a bike with the ferry ticket because I didn’t know the island conditions hilly or not or the weather too windy, sunny. I’m glad I didn’t book. But if you’d like to rent, you should book together with the ferry ticket.

Mother love – quokkas

I arrived the island and the first thing you will see the visitor info which is good. Everyone was asking where to see the quokkas and the lady patiently told everyone you can see them anywhere.

I bought a hop on hop off bus ticket because just by walking you can’t see the entire island. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it but no other option. It wasn’t frequent even it was supposed to be.

I was there on Sunday so a busy day for them even it wasn’t really busy. The driver was very mean I think. I hopped on at the central and we were heading to the next stop so the visitors at the stop were hailing to the driver because it’s a hopp on hopp off bus and it was what ticket holders should do. The driver said he would tell those arrogant people, who were hailing, the bus was full. Arrogant? They were just tourists who bought the tickets. The bus was full because he/they skipped the previous service so those people had to wait there at least more than 20 min and he was calling arrogant. 

Rottnest Island

At least I was able to see a few stops in one day and saw enough quokkas everywhere. The beaches were the cleanest beaches I have ever seen. It was cold so I couldn’t jump in or do snorkelling but the view was so so amazing.

Rottnest Island

I stopped to see sea lions from very far and breath the Indian Ocean at the West end to finish my day.

For me the most interesting part of my Rottnest trip was the island museum which surprised me a lot. I never thought about the island before. I just did know quokkas, the happiest animal of the world, live there. The island, now a holiday place, used to be a prison for Aboriginal people. There were a lot of photos and information about how the prisoners were treated. I highly recommended to stop at the museum. 

Btw. after 3 pm you can’t find a place to eat before it plenty of places to eat.  I bought a quokka egg to grow my own quokka ahahah but don’t recommend it. A magnet would be better souvenir.

On my third day I started with the city again and walked to an amazing park. Then I headed to my second accommodation.  The hotel was far away from the city and huge green area so kangaroos were hanging around, the most beautiful part of the trip I guess. It’s the place, I imagined as Australia before arriving in Australia.


The next attraction was Margaret River Chocolate store, which was enormous, but I was expecting something Willie Wonka factory trip. It’s huge and you can find various types of chocolate. Their couverture was really good as I like baking I couldn’t leave without it. Then, I visited another local honey store where you can find all sort of bee products. I got jetlag sniff box set I’m still using and my second step to aromatherapy after Cambodia.



Western Australia, of course you shouldn’t leave without seeing a vineyard. A lot of places you can so visit and taste. I preferred going for dinner and tasting so I couldn’t see the actual vineyard. Still it was a pleasant last night in Perth.

Why does my mind talk too much?

Since yesterday it has been talking all day and night, I can’t stop it.

It remembers silly thoughts of my dear friends and create more silly thoughts from them and trying to explain why they’re so silly.

Unfortunately, there are people around me always they want to talk and don’t want to listen. If someone is speaking, they are preparing themselves to talk without hearing what others say. There is no need to say they never ever accept someones thought no matter it’s right or wrong.

They only stop when someone says yes yes that’s right you’re right and they start to smile so little silence, thankfully.

I don’t want them but I have to work. As they are more than one, it seems like I’m the weird one.

Hence my mind always screaming them how silly how rude they are.

Resisting or accepting them is really hard.If I say always say yes you’re so good to have a little bit peace, they get worse.

If they don’t listen to me why I spent my energy to talk and have conversation with them.

Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Aus

Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Aus where The Coral sea meets Tasmanian Sea. It is my eastern limit so far JJ

To see amazing falls videos visit:

Where we are!

One of the most popular tourist destination, must see places with the unique nature. If you have time, don’t miss the sunrise or sunshine in Byron Bay lighthouse. Unfortunately we missed! Probably you already predict but I’d like to tell again. Because of the popularity of course it is an expensive area compare to Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay. It wasn’t easy to find an affordable accommodation also park prices were little bit much!! 

Little Wategos Track

 We stayed again in a local’s house and it was one of the most interesting place that I stayed. It looked like an American horror movie house that used to be a madhouse or orphan’s asylum. At night we sat on the roof of the house!! (really) and telling some horror stories while watching awesome stars. Stars looked so closer I never saw them that much closer. I strongly recommend a night walk 🙂

The most easterly point

Hiking to the light house was in our first day itinerary and spending time in the ocean. It didn’t look much but we spent the rest of the day after lunch. It’s a 3.7 km loop and 3 hours recommended time but we was so impressed with the spectacular view and took lots of photos and of course had fun with the ocean waves so we didn’t realize how sun went down J.

Natural Aquarium

Lighthouse (Unfortunately we were not at a good time to take photo. You will take better photos at sunset time 🙂

 Great place for surfers with shallow water, plenty of waves and warm weather.

There are different beaches and all of them look beautiful. We spent our time in the beach before going to the light house so didn’t have time for Thalow Beach where is on the other side of the light house. It is bigger than others and less crowded.

Thalow Beach

In front of the light house you may see a couple and photographers for marriage photography as usual. I think it is an unwritten worldwide rule. If there is a nice view they always appear there.

Sunset is always amazing!

 For the second day we had three options but we thought three of them would be so much and we asked the host some advices. Nimbin which is a small village. Killen Falls and Minyon Falls. She advised us to skip Nimbin because it is just one street and not much special so we eliminated it from the list or postponed for the next time.

This is how we missed the sunrise

Early in the morning we headed to Killen Falls. A small water fall with a nice lake and small bush path. While others were still having breakfast, I decided to jump into the rock pool. I was almost jumping suddenly I heard my friends. They were getting crazy because a snake was swimming through us. I didn’t see a swimming snake before, it was really fast and scary. We scared much and run through the car hahah. Other visitors was shocked and asked us. We showed the snake photo. It wasn’t a brown snake which is poisonous one but still scary so be careful if you like swimming there.

Killen Falls (Just a few moments before seeing the snake)

The next destination before home is Minyon Falls. I was a little bit disappointed that time. Because we planned to swim during sunrise but slept in. Then, we couldn’t swim because of the snack. I hoped to see a nice pool in Minyon Falls National Park.

Minyon Falls

It was absolutely amazing. If you have limited time you can skip the light house and go there. I swam under the fall as a first time. Do you know that under the fall water is warmer? Yes, it is warmer than the other parts. 

Night Cap National Park 


It was an awesome experience and to reach the rock pool you can chose either short or long track. If you are a nature lower, go ahead the long way. I was really satisfied with the forest and nature. There are many twin trees and many wild animals. Long track took 1.5 hours and it is middle condition I think. Short path maybe half an hour but you have to climb over the rocks to go to the pool so wear nice shoes.

Minyon Falls from the bottom

I hope one day you travel here and listen to the falls or swim under the falls.

Breath taking moments for me that I can never forget.

Siem Reap -2018

Arrival and Visa

Siem Reap surprised me from the first moment which we landed at the airport. The airport is so beautiful, green and composes of 2-3 levels buildings.

We got e-visa before our arrival to save time but there was no long visa queue at the airport again surprisingly.

Luckily, the passport officer stuck the immigration paper to my passport so less chance to get lost it. In Thailand, I was almost getting heart attack because of that little piece of paper!!

We passed the passport check very quickly and our hotel staff was waiting for us so we headed immediately. Everything was going so fast so perfect and smooth so I’ve started to love Cambodia just after our landing. We arrived before check-in hours but offered free early check-in if we wrote good comments on the social media 😮

Of course we accepted that offer and headed to the room. Honestly our hotel was nice, almost whole furnitures were wooden and there were heaps of traditional stuffs. Because of our comments on the social media, we offered a half price entertainment such as traditional dance show and feast for $35 but later we found a cheaper dance show with dinner buffet which costed $12.

We had the best guide ever!!!

The best thing before going there is finding a guide!!

I e-mailed 7-8 guides who I found them on the web randomly. They gave me varied prices changing $80-160. Some of them asked extra fee for the sunset time but we dealed with a guide for $80 including sunset, sunrise two days by car. He didn’t recommend tuk tuk because of the dust and muld, he was right I’m glad we did by car.

I highly recommend to find a guide before going because some tuk tuk drivers offered us to drive but they weren’t guide so seeing with a good guide makes everything different. A few of them which I e-mailed honestly told they weren’t guide just driver so can’t g’ve lots of info.

We were so lucky about our guide. He was so kind, very knowledgeable and experienced since he has been guide since 1998. Plus he asked reasonable price. Hence, we had a chance to chat a local person to get to know the culture and history which amazed us and sometimes horrified.

I’ve realised how I little know about the Asian history, wars between Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, cold war, the dictator, mass extinctions, I did have no idea about them before travelling to Siem Reap.

I’ve decided to read books about the Cambodian History to learn. Our guide lost a few of his family members unfortunately during the Cold War and it just happened in 1990. It still sound impossible to me it’s very close but it just happened. In the end, he died because of malaria. He killed thousands, millions of people but he couldn’t resist a single celled pathogen.

Floating Village

Our first stop was Tonle Sap Lake and Kampong Klamp. There are a few floating towns here but our guide recommended us Kampong Klamp which is not the most touristic one but it’s the real one. He was definitely right.

Kampong Klamp – Floating village

The ticket was $25 and later if you would like to take a tour with the boat you can pay $5 extra. After hot and busy Thailand days, this lake trip was great and refreshing for us. I think we were in Cambodia at the right time, September, it wasn’t hot, not wet, not too wet. 

Kampong Klamp – Floating village

The length of the Tonle Sap is 125 km. Our guide travelled from one point to the other end in 3 days when he was little. 800 families live there in total. The electricity is provided from Thailand, interesting.

Kampong Klamp – Floating village

Before visiting that floating village, I wasn’t sure actually we should see or not. I read a few blogs, complaining about the tourists spend money to take photos of the poor folks. 

They might be right but the low income, unfair income distribution are in everywhere in the world but here maybe folks feel more but in whole over the country not only in the floating villages. 

As our guide explained, their grand grand parents colonised on the river and still they continue to live here. 

Fishing and tourism are the main jobs and you will see on the way to the village the sellers. 

The village has a school, temple and restaurant like a typical village. The only difference each house has a small boat to hang around of in the town. The village houses were colourful and some balconies were full of flowers and plants. 

A mother was catching the naked child who ran to the balcony. There was a dog in a house garden. A few kids probably siblings were playing in another house garden. 

Then I just thought living on the lake might be the right thing in that hot climate and better than living in the city. I realised how hot it was when we were back to Angkor. I realised it when we visited the temples on the following day while dying because of the hot weather. The guide always reminded us how we were lucky as we came in the cool season. Cool? Depending on person I guess:)

Hence, I think living on the river is part of their culture. Btw. I found Cambodian people very friendly and seemed happy.

On the way to the floating village, you will see lots of villages, towns. Their situation is similar to the floating village. We saw many brown and tiny cows not black and white and fat. They departures at grass. if they are only feed with grass is it normal to be too too skinny you can see the limbs, bones. The cows I saw usually are plumpy. 

Dance show – Apsala

For dinner we went to a dance show and they had buffet dinner which you can find anything and it costs $12. The cheapest place to see the show and eat. After the dance show we took photo with the dancers. 

The dancers fingers were long and the tips were twisted. Their education takes 6 years. To stretch the fingers takes time so 6 years can be understandable. There are 32 different hair styles for Apsala dancers. 

Traditional dance Show – Apsala

Night Market

After dinner, finally we were heading to the pub street, such a long day. Pub street and night market is next to each others but the night market is more expensive than the pub street. 

From the first store at the night market we bought 2 t-shirts  for $5 and later we saw 3 for $5 and finally 1 for $1 so be patient before buying. Prices were changing quickly with bargain or without bargain. 

I ended up buying a candle set, lavender oil and the burner for $10. I don’t know why I bought it and it’s much cheaper at home at the rejectshop. But mind bleed away while calculating the currency AUD to USD to Thai Baht to understand which place is cheaper hahhah. As a tourist I ended up with overcharging as usual but for me it was a start of my aromatherapy journey :)) 

I think Siem Reap is cheaper than Phuket and Bangkok.

Sunrise -Angkor Wat

The following day we agreed to meet at 4:45 to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat so we ordered a breakfast box at the hotel which each hotel there serve this option. Our boxes were full with croissants and fruits which were enough for breakfast and lunch for us :).

Cloudy sunrise – Angkor Wat

The figures on temple walls have changed a lot. Relics of Hindu or Buddhist figures still can be seen clearly. Through the history, they tried to destroy each others figures when they got stronger. I am not familiar to Hinduism either Buddhism but I learnt a lot from our guide. For a while he was a Buddhist monk. I don’t know why he gave up but he is very knowledgable again feeling lucky about our guide.

Hindu temples are higher than Buddhist temples. The orange-brown colour of the priest cloth comes from the autumn leaves and represents giving up everything, the material world. 3 towers of Angkor Was represents 3 Gods, Creator, Destroyer and Protector. As he said mostly people pray to Protector. When we were there 30th Sept they was a Buddhist fest takes 15 days. During day and night they were praying for their descendants because they believe the door of the hell opens and souls can fly to the sky.

The most important thing that we learned, sun rises upon the big tower of the Angkor Wat only twice in a year. If I remember right on 23rd September and 21st March (please double check dates if you’re planing to see). We didn’t know and slightly missed it. 

Addition to Angkor Wat, we visited other temples in Angkor and spent the whole day there. It was amazing to see the nature and the temple ruins sometime they seems united. 

Particularly, the tree which needs support because of its soft nature.  They’ve been supported by the temple walls to reach the clouds more and more.

 They usually say nature win over human but maybe they both support each other. while the soft tree can grow and reach to sky with the help of the walls, the temple has became a magical architecture.

 Walking between the walls and trees felt me like it can’t be the same world that I lived so far. 

Mostly they complain about the temple stairs but I didn’t find it challenging maybe I’m fit :p but I saw a  very pregnant woman who was climbing easily with the flip flops. 

Have a wonderful time in beautiful Cambodia!

Rainbow Beach

One of my favorite long weekend getaway is Rainbow Beach, QLD. I was really impressed from the sand paradise and national park. Definitely I will go there again. So I’d like to share that awesome experience with you so you may include this destination to bucket list.

We drove to Rainbow Beach from Brisbane so for lunch we stopped in Eumundi which is a small lovely village. On Saturday there is a traditional market since 1940s. You may find some handcrafts or clothes. 

It’s a nice village for another short getaway but we were heading to Rainbow Beach. The ocean was too wavy that day so we couldn’t swim but we had fun with waves and sunbath. I think the most impressive place in that area for me is Carlo’s sand blow. 

Carlos Sand Blow

One of the best sunset views I have ever seen. After sunset you may stay there to see stars so maybe good idea to pack a small picnic. I have never seen a dessert. I accept it as a first dessert experience. At a first glance, white-creaam sands will impress you definitely. When you touch them you will feel how soft they are. When you feel the wind I strongly recommend you to run. It is an amazing and funny experience. Of course don’t forget to take a video and a panoramic photo. Before sunset time you must run thourgh the east side to see the ocean, the colors of the rainbow beach and different rock structures. I felt like I wasn’t in the earth anymore. After experienced it run though the west for sunset. 

Sunset in Carlos Sand Blow

On the second day, we woke up earlier to feed dolphins. Here you can pay the entrance fee for $5 and another $5 for a fish if you like to feed. Unfortunately, touching is forbidden so we have to settle for getting closer. 

Dolphin ❤

The keepers also gave some information about them. They are still wild but early in the morning they come to the edge so visitors have chance to  get closer with the keepers . One of dolphins was attacked by a shark two days before our visit so it had a scar. At the moment I realized that we were really in the ocean again. 

After meeting cute dolphins, we were heading to the national park. There is a small creek that you can swim. It wasn’t too cold so you can enjoy. In the creek we saw some big fishes even it was crowded. National park was amazing as I expected. We listened to nature and hiked. It was an easy track so suitable for families. We saw spiders as big as a human hand and they were making a big net so you must be careful while walking. 

Poona Lake

There was a lake, which was the second most amazing place of the trip, called as Poona lake. It looks brown but it was so clean and pure. You can swim no wave or sit on the lake side and drink something while enjoying with water and sun. Sands were same as Carlo’s sand blow. 

Poona Lake

Poona Lake

On the third day, we watched the sunrise in Tin Can Bay. No need to explain how beautiful how amazing it was. Just see the images.



We were very excited for another new experience on the last day. We joined the beach horse riding. There is also options 4 wheel drive beach tour and horse riding tour. We prefer horse riding as a new experience but if you like riding you have chance to join ocean riding that must be wonderful. Next time I will definitely try ocean riding. Beach riding is for all levels. The crew was very nice and helped me a lot before and during the ride. I was really worried before the ride but those two hours were passed so fast and now I want to do it again.

Horse riding at the Rainbow Beach

And here is a final recommendation; if you are travelling in Australia I strongly recommend to stay in a local’s house rather than hotel/hostels. We stayed there for a similar price with hostels.  

First getaway in 2020, nicely done! (9-10Jan)

Finally I headed to the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island!!!

 I was waiting for this trip since I moved to Australia and can definitely say it was one of my best trip in Australia. 

Maheno Shipwreck

Our Fraser adventure started with a beach ride and seeing a little dingo. Then, we visited a huge Maheno Shipwreck at the beach before chilling in Eli Creek. Eli Creek was an amazing place to chill on a swim ring with a cold drink. The water was a bit cool but insanely pure.

Maheno Shipwreck

Lake Wabby

Our next stop was the Lake Wabby, no need to say it’s extremely clean and beautiful. As it is wonderful, it wasn’t easy to reach there. First we had to walk near half an hour on the sand  between enormous trees and listen the island birds. Since we already very tired because of the travelling and hanging on the island, we were afraid to die before finding the lake :p. 

Lake Wabby

After half hour hiking on the sand, we reached the sand blow that purely amazed us. 

It is similar to Carlos Sand Blow (Rainbow Beach) but Carlos Sand Blow is bigger and both are wonderful enough to take me another world. 

Then, we just realize Lake Wabby was laying between green forest and it looks green as much as the forest. It’s very clean and warm enough to spend lots of times in the lake. Green color is just the reflection of forest color which makes the Lake Wabby unforgettable. 

It was the last stop of our first day so we headed to our camp but just after dinner we felt a strong desire to see the ocean with moon light even dingos scared us. 

It’s worth to see the ocean at night but unfortunately we missed the sunrise as we didn’t have enough energy to get up very early. 

Additionally, the facility offer free eco-friendly soap-shampoo-shower gel and not recommend to use any other. They make great effort to protect nature.

Lake McKenzy

First stop of the second day was Lake McKenzy and words were very limited to explain how beautiful it’s. 

We were able to see that beauty after 45 min driving on the sand with full of fun, jumping and screaming  :))) But that journey was a little cost for this crystal lake. 

Lake McKenzy

First thing I realised the sand was amazingly soft and white. On the way sometime the sand under trees seemed like snow to me. 

Walking on the soft sand felt wonderful and the first view of the lake which was blue and green and so so beautiful. 

It’s the best lake I’ve ever seen so far and don’t think I’ll see a better one. I found Poona Lake (Rainbow Beach) is a bit similar but McKenzy is definitely impressed me more. 

Lake McKenzy

We enjoyed as much as possible with the clean water which was not too warm and not cold. Also, we saw a little turtle. I am sure I will never forget this lake. I am so grateful I had a chance to see it. 

We had to leave Lake Mckenzy to see Wanggoolba Creek, which affected us with the huge trees and no need to say clean water. We walked through the creek and enjoyed our last stop at the island. 

Shortly, if you have a chance to visit the Fraser Island just do it as soon as possible. You won’t be disappointed. 

We had great time and unfortunately couldn’t see any dolphins or whales. I wish you are lucky to meet them.

Here is the link for my Rainbow Beach adventure:

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